The Sacred Space Podcast

Holistic HOPE Doula, Katie Schomberg, beautifully holds space for you to return home. She brings Healing, Open-ness, Purpose, and Embodiment for all that tune in.
Join me on a healing journey to discover your dark gooey center. We will nourish your soul, inviting a fuller experience of embodiment & authenticity.


Podcast love.

“What a beautifully, honest podcast! Katie is so good at encouraging you to take an honest look at your heart, your desires, who you are. Even when it may be painful. Even as a recording, Katie’s intuitiveness about the current lives and emotional states of women is astounding. If you’re looking for something that’s encouraging, helps you delve deeper, and one that will leave you feeling known and still loved, listen to Katie.” - Amanda

“Katie is such a beautiful healer. Every time she speaks my soul shifts. 
I come from a long line of angry and negative ancestry. Listening to, and learning from, her has changed the course of my life, and thereby the lives of my children and their children. “ - Terri

“Katie brings such a genuine and peaceful much needed healing with this podcast. With an added depth of wisdom and love that only comes from someone who has been through the journey herself. I can’t wait to listen to every episode on Friday as it has been an encouragement for my heart and life of authenticity. I highly recommend this sacred space to anyone who doubts the longings that live inside of her. This space is a perfect place for encouragement to step into the power and embodiment of your beauty.” - Gris