The Sacred Space : A Woman’s Soul-Journey Home


About my book…

“This is a journal, a memoir, a soul book, and a heart book; when you fin-ish this space, this will be a beautiful container of you. This container is meant for slowly processing your mess, your message, and your truth. Draw, write, journal, cry, spill, and unfold into this Sacred Space. Come back time and time again. When you make your way through this portal, you will see you, maybe for the very first time. This HOPE journey will take you on the path of self-discovery, realizing your true and highest self; the self where your passion and purpose live and breathe.”

“This book was beautifully handcrafted from my own healing journey and daily practice. Each section has an inspirational quote, healing meditation, flower support, and empowering mantra. These recommendations are here to offer you additional love as you travel through your own soul-journey home. Write out the quotes and store them in your heart. Record the meditations in your own voice, listening to them daily. Place the flowers in your space, using the recipes from the Ritual Section to nourish and bring attention to your internal temple. Memorize and say the mantras as much as needed.

These are gifts for you.

Enjoy and allow.”

Katie Schomberg, author & illustrator of The Sacred Space, A Woman’s Soul-Journey Home.